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25 Years of SHB

Our Vision for the Future: "Go Beyond Limits"!!!
In a diversified market of medium-sized Enterprises in Europe, specialised niche solutions are the key to success. Every medium-sized Business that wishes to succeed Looks for Solutions which provide that key!

A higly important aspect that we take very seriously is closeness to the customer, for "our customers Goals must be our Goals too!" This has been our Motto for the last 25 years, and only by following this principle can we continue to succeed in the highly competitive Marketplace.
We should like to thank all our customers, supply partners, business associates and, of course, our staff for 25 successful years of SHB.

The Stolle Family
(January 2016)

30 ml PET

SHB is proud to present its first 30ml bottles in PET. With the development of our own preforms for promotional sizes we have managed to meet the very latest customer requirements.
Preforms up to 300ml have been developed for almost all SHB closures, so that nearly all bottle designs can be produced in PET. Bit by bit, the PET standard bottle range is being extended through collaboration with our customers.


The concept of a WC adapter has been developed and patented over many years. The new adapter, named the TC Adapter, is available as of now for angle-necked bottles in HDPE and PET. Use of this adapter greatly simplifies the manufacture and filling of angle-necked bottles.

• Simplified bottle production on conventional blow moulding machines
• Standard upright filling of the bottles on conventional filling machines
• The combination of the adapter and the KISI closure can be snapped on in an upright position just like a regular closure

We currently offer this concept for our standard bottles in HDPE and PET in 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml sizes. If you are looking for your own design for a bottle like this, we are your competent partner in its development.

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